Freezing Saddles 2022 Registration

Freezing Saddles is a game organized by friends in the Washington Area Bike Forum. It is a convivial and good-humored team competition in which participants are randomly assigned to teams.  The teams then compete for points.  Ten points are given for every day someone rides at least a mile, and additional points as follows: 10 points for mile 1, 9 points for mile 2, 8 points for mile 3, etc.  Miles 10 and over each day earn one point each.

The game runs from 00:00:00 January 1 through 23:59:59 March 19, in Washington, DC local time.  Rides begun before the start time or ending after the end time March 20 will not count.

Communications and organization will be through the Washington Area Bike Forum.

Registering is only the first step in entering the game.  Please visit and bookmark this link to learn the other steps required.

Registration will close (and this form will disappear) at 11:59:59 pm EST on December 24, 2021, so please get your form in before then if you want to participate. Time remaining to register is:

17Days 07Hours 38Minutes 22Seconds

If you want to get a flavor of what the competition has been like in past years, you can check out the forum topic.

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